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  Medela Pump in Style Calypso To Go by Ardo (Our top pick)
Spectra S2 Limerick PJ's Bliss
Unique Features  Adjustable speed/vacuum control helps mom choose her most comfortable pump setting. One-touch let-down button lets mom  oggle between Stimulation and Expression Phases for more efficient pumping sessions Quietest Breast pump on the Market. Features independent vacuum and cycle (suction/speed) adjustment with 64 total setting combinations for maximum customization by mom.   Gentle suckling action and massage mode to encourage speedy letdown. Adjustable suction strength and cycle speed, night light with two settings, timer The only 1-1/2 pound portable multi-user breast pump. Simulates your baby's natural nursing pattern. Other pumps may use a push-pull motion, while Limerick PJ's breast pumps are the only pumps to incorporate a more authentic compression and vacuum motion – truly replicating your baby’s innate suckling motion.
Breast Flanges 24mm PersonalFit breast shield(2) included. Other sizes (21mm, 27mm, 30mm, 36mm) available.  26mm flange shells (2), 28mm flange inserts (2), 31mm flange shells (2) included. Other sizes (22mm and 36mm) available. 24mm breast flanges (2) included. Other sizes (28mm and 32mm) available. Sof-Touch Flanges (one size fits all!)
Carrying bag Included Backpack Bag Tote Backpack
Open or Closed System Open *(see blog)
Closed Closed Closed
Storage Containers/Bags included 4 5oz containers
150ct bags*
*Tricare only
8 5oz containers
120ct bags*
*Tricare only
2 5.5oz containers
120ct bags*
*Tricare only
2 4.5oz containers
Other Accessories Included 9 volt AC adapter and battery pack, ice pack, cooler bag Power adapter, cooling elements, cooler bag, cleaning brush, bottle holder Power supply, cooler bag, nightlight, timer Power supply, SofTouch silicone cups, mesh bag for parts, clamp, cleaning brush
BPA Free Components Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 400 hour or 2 year 2 year 1 year
Pump Weight 4.2lbs 3.2lbs 3.3lbs 1.5lb

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