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IBCLC's communicate with all your health care providers to coordinate and manage any

breastfeeding issues concerning both you and your baby.



Lillian Davis came to our office as a client many years ago, fell in love with lactation support and later came back to join our team.  She became an IBCLC in 2012 and has since worked one -on- one with all of our moms from breastfeeding support to bra fittings, classes, pumps, insurance and leads our Hampton Roads Office.  She is incredibly passionate about the bond between mothers and babies that is developed through breastfeeding.  Her specialties are resolving position and latch problems, building a milk supply and is terrific at mother support!  There is nobody better at sitting down with a mom who might feel uncertain and making them feel hopeful about obtaining their breastfeeding goals.  Her empathetic, nurturing, yet funny personality makes her invaluable to our Hampton Roads Mommies. 

Kate Majestic has a background in psychology and has been teaching yoga for ten years. When she and her husband, who is an active-duty service member for the US Navy, had their son, she had a very rewarding breastfeeding experience. Having met her own breastfeeding goals, she wanted to help other women meet theirs as well.She earned her Master degree specializing in lactation, and was a Certified Lactation Counselor for three years. After completing an internship at a hospital in preparation for sitting the IBCLC exam, she decided she was most passionate about helping moms where they spend the most time with their babies.In their community!

Kate believes there are multiple levels in which women should be supported to meet their breastfeeding goals; individually, within their communities, state-wide, and nationally. She has been serving as Secretary with the Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition for the past two years and has been active with the United States Breastfeeding Committee, serving as the Coalition Regional Representative for the Mid-Atlantic region.As are all of the lactation consultants at Tidewater Lactation Group, she gives 100% to every family she serves.

Liz Flight has helped mothers and babies with breastfeeding for over 30 years. Mom to three terrific breastfed (grown) children, she has developed lactation programs, provided training for numerous military hospitals and has provided guidance for policy makers concerning support of the military mother returning to active duty.  Liz continues to provide professional education for nursing students, lactation interns, military residency programs and is an often sought guest speaker. She has been board certified as an IBCLC since 1993 and completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, summa cum laude at Hampton University, May 2011. Liz achieved the Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant certification through the Healthy Children Project in 2012. She continues to be active on local, state, and national breastfeeding organizations. Liz continues to train the next generation of nurses and doctors and hopes that with today's research, modern technology, and the visibility of breastfeeding in public, women of this generation will embrace motherhood and breastfeeding.

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