Sometimes you need some hands on help but can't make it to the office, so what can you do?  

Make an appointment for us to come to you!

A home visit generally takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.  By the end of the visit, you will have practiced the techniques shown to you by your consultant, based on your breastfeeding concerns. 

We can also come to your doctor's office or Hospital! 


Home Visits will include

  1. Measuring and recording weight and a thorough maternal and infant history (prenatal, birth and feeding).
  2. Evaluation of infant oral anatomy and mother's breasts.
  3. Observation and assessment of a feeding, milk expression, baby's feeding cues and response to feeding, ability to transfer milk, and pre- and post-feeding weights to measure volume of milk intake at the breast (BabyWeigh gram scale is used for accuracy).
  4. Documentation of the findings and plan agreed upon by both mother and consultant are written and the report sent to your care providers.

Please note: 

A Home visit is not covered by  Insurance at this time. 


Fee for a Home Visit is $200

Add $25 for a Home Visit more than 15 miles from the office

Add $25 for a Home Visit after hours/weekends (if available)

Extended Visits (longer than 2 hours) can incur an additional charge


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