Bra Fittings

Let us help you find the perfect fitting bra. Come into the office and we can measure your proper size and you can then try on different styles in both Bra's and Tanks. Recommended for 38 weeks gestation or later as your size will continue to grow.

 This service is free of charge. Appointment needed


Weight Checks

If you are concerned about what your baby is transferring at the breast, you can come into the office to use our Babyweigh scale. This is not a consultation with a Lactation Consultant.

 There is no fee for this appointment. Appointment needed


Medication & Lactation

Call us if you have questions regarding taking a medication while nursing. We can provide you and your Physician with the latest studies from the Thomas W. Hale PH.D book "Medications and Mothers' Milk. This publication provides an accurate scale of risk to mother and baby.   This service is free of charge. Information provided over the phone or faxed to your physician.


Crematocrit Testing

Curious about how many calories are in your milk? Are you being asked to supplement? Have your milk tested in the office in just minutes for calories and fat

 (A portable centrifuge designed to measure the caloric and fat content of breast milk).

 Fee for testing is $25.00. Discounted when combined with a consultation.  Appointment needed

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