Do you need a Lactation Consultation 



    1.  Is your baby not latching on easily and comfortably?
    2.  Do you have any nipple damage or persistent breast pain?
    3.  Is your baby wetting 5-6 diapers and having 2-5 stools per day (after the 4th day of life) ?
    4.  Is your baby too sleepy to eat?
    5.  Is your baby always fussy or difficult to console?
    6.  Do you feel like your baby wants to feed ALL THE TIME?
    7.  Have you had any type of breast surgery and wonder if it will affect your ability to breastfeed?
    8.  Did you have problems breastfeeding your last baby and want to get off to a better start this time?
    9.  Are you adopting a baby and desire to breastfeed him/her?
    10.  Have you been given advice that you question?

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